[ubuntu-us-mi] Backup, restore and defrag

Pat pat.zak at comcast.net
Sun Feb 3 14:40:13 GMT 2008


I am a dinosaur that worked for DARPA starting 1969 helping create and 
install ARPANET.  Spent a number of years with Unix and CPM.  In 1974 
helped create the largest data farm in the world, at that time, 
utilizing a few hundred 5Mg WangCo cake platter removable hard drives 
and a plethora of 400,800,1600 BPI tape drives.  The data vault was over 
30,000 sq ft.  This was all powered  by dual IBM 360/370.  I still do a 
little coding for the government but it is limited to optimizing 
programs by interpreting to native code.  I have not used anything 
except low-level code for the last 15 years plus.

I have been using Ubunbtu for about the last six months (now Gutsy 7.10) 
and have been lurking this community for the past few months.  It would 
be appreciated if someone could recommend a backup/restore package, 
preferably one that can do a complete system backup to DVD.  Also I have 
noticed that the file fragmentation has creep past 3% and would 
appreciate any recommendation for a defrag package.  This is a for a 
standalone desktop unit not hooked up to a network.

Any advice will be appreciated,


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