[ubuntu-us-mi] PenguiCon Room Party

Kevin B. O'Brien nadreck at palain.com
Sat Feb 2 03:53:01 GMT 2008

t jagoda wrote:
> Hello Everyone!
> So, I have /officially/ booked the room party room, the reservation is 
> sitting right here on my desk and everything.  Now, I need your monies.
> In total I need $89 for our night of the room (Friday), and I will be 
> recieving $89 from the IGDA for their use of the room on Saturday.
> So, if you're willing to donate $10-$20 (depending on how many people 
> reply), /please/ reply to this email.  You can reply to my personal 
> address - spam.goes.here48048 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:spam.goes.here48048 at gmail.com> - if you dont want the entire 
> list to see it.
> I will make a list of all those who plan/say they will contribute, 
> note the amount, and then /hunt you down/ if you don't pay up. =P
> In other news, has the conference back and massive box of CD's been 
> aquired, Greg?  And, do we still have the copy of Revolution OS and 
> the written permission to screen it?  Finally, does anybody have a 
> nice, small-ish table that we could use to set up a desktop to display 
> a working trial version of Ubuntu in the par-tay?
I'm in. Put me down for whatever a share turns out to be. Also, I have a 
DVD of Revolution OS if you still need one.

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