[ubuntu-us-mi] PenguiCon Room Party

t jagoda spam.goes.here48048 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 13:04:12 GMT 2008

Hello Everyone!

So, I have *officially* booked the room party room, the reservation is
sitting right here on my desk and everything.  Now, I need your monies.

In total I need $89 for our night of the room (Friday), and I will be
recieving $89 from the IGDA for their use of the room on Saturday.

So, if you're willing to donate $10-$20 (depending on how many people
reply), *please* reply to this email.  You can reply to my personal address
- spam.goes.here48048 at gmail.com - if you dont want the entire list to see

I will make a list of all those who plan/say they will contribute, note the
amount, and then *hunt you down* if you don't pay up. =P

In other news, has the conference back and massive box of CD's been aquired,
Greg?  And, do we still have the copy of Revolution OS and the written
permission to screen it?  Finally, does anybody have a nice, small-ish table
that we could use to set up a desktop to display a working trial version of
Ubuntu in the par-tay?


-Trevor at Work
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