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I know at least one of the LoCo folks was expressing an interest in
Michigan Free Geek, so I thought I'd pass this announcement on:

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I'm hoping a few folks from Free Geek come in. I'm going to encourage
them to stop by the MDLUG meeting.  Perhaps we can talk about the Free
Geek concept.
The Free Geek group has a meeting at 10:30 AM Saturday at the Unity
Church listed on the web site:
Unity Church
28660 Five Mile
On the North side of Five Mile a bit West of Inkster road.
Just West of the nursing home.

-- Garry Stahl <tesral at comcast.net> wrote:
Do we have an Agenda?

And a repeat.

OK; by now most people know I am keeping a Distro Repository on my
laptop for club use.

I need your help. Keeping the beast current is an effort, and you can
help. If you download the latest update of your favorite distro, burn an
extra copy for me to rip. That takes less time than downloading the
sucker. Also if I have the various members looking out for their pet
distro I'm more likley to have the latest versions for club use.

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