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Wed Aug 27 13:08:44 BST 2008

On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 12:49 AM, Marc Zuverink <mzuverink at gmail.com> wrote:

> Greg, I have not been too active in the LOCO by attending meeting and
> such, but have been doing a lot of install festivals and advocate at
> all times. I have never made a big deal out of with the LOCO and maybe
> I should taken pictures and all that to show West Side Rep.

Yes, yes, YES! Please do let us all know what is happening in your area. We
are the Michigan LoCo, not the AnnArbor/Detroit LoCo. Not only does it help
the group to justify our status as an official LoCo, but there's other
west-siders who may not know what's going on over there because all the talk
here is by the east-siders. Represent!

> I am in
> Holland, my transportation is an old Puch moped and cross country
> style skiing for transportation in the winer, so attending LOCO
> meeting on the East side is impossible without some type of ride
> arrangement.

We used to have bi-monthly IRC meetings. Not sure when/why that stopped, but
I think we should revive it.  Or at least a monthly meeting. I will pencil
one in right now on the group calendar (everybody knows we have a Michigan
LoCo Google Calendar, right?) for the first Monday of the month, at 8PM.
This is, of course, open to discussion... but better to schedule now and
change it than wait for everybody to come to an agreement (which could well
take a month) :-)


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