[ubuntu-us-mi] Computer Recycle Project

Adam Lincoln adamjlincoln at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 18:04:13 BST 2008

> On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 6:38 AM, Craig Maloney <craig at decafbad.net> wrote:
>> On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 02:13 -0400, Tony Bemus wrote:
>>> I have some older computers that I would like to donate to the computer
>>> recycle project.  Do we have anything going with the project yet?
>> I'm not sure what the status of the project is, but I too have a machine
>> that needs a new home, whether in the hands of another computer user, or
>> in a recycling bin. Does anyone know of any local programs, or programs
>> we can make local?

    The Wayne State University LUG has been collecting machines for a
couple of years - most of which are P2, P3 generation machines.  We've
tried to run giveaways to students here with limited success, and
we're in the process of setting up a very small lab.  Once we get
enough machines, there's interest in the group to try for a larger
scale donation - like 10 or so machines, all set up, ready to benefit
a local charity, for example.

    We're slowly working our way toward this.  We'd be happy to take
any old machines (but understand if you find another home for them).
Our members live here and there, so we can probably arrange for
picking up/dropping off as needed.  Please note that we do not have
official non-profit status (because 1) to do it through the school
would grant WSU ownership of anything donated to us, and 2) doing it
ourselves is probably not worth it), so anything given to us is not a
tax write-off.

    If anyone would like to arrange a donation, we would be thrilled
to have it.  It's probably best to email wsulug at gmail.com, so it gets
forwarded to all our officers.

    Thanks in advance,
    (Outgoing WSULUG President)

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