[ubuntu-us-mi] Computer Recycle Project

Tony Bemus tony at bemusonline.com
Mon Aug 4 07:13:15 BST 2008

I have some older computers that I would like to donate to the computer 
recycle project.  Do we have anything going with the project yet?

I have 3 computers:

Computer 1
Custom Build
Pentium II 400
128MB Ram
? GB Hard drive
? ATI AGP Video Card

Computer 2
Pentium II 400
128 MB Ram
? GB Hard Drive
? ATI AGP Video Card
? 10/100 NIC

Computer 3
Custom build/server
Dual Pentium II 400
128 MB Ram
2GB IDE Hard drive
9GB SCSI Hard drive
Built in Video
Built in SCSI Wide and Narrow
10/100 Intel Pro NIC

Tony Bemus
Downriver Metro Detroit

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