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I'd like to send a message to the mailing lists of your respective LUGs.
 If you're not the person to contact, please let me know who better to
mail this to.

I am scheduling people to work in the computer lounge at Penguicon.
We're having an install-fest on Friday evening, from 8:00 p.m. until
11:00 p.m., and if last year's experience is any indication, there will
be a lot of people taking advantage of it.  Therefore, if any of your
members attending Penguicon would be willing to spend an hour or two in
the lounge helping install Linux for new users, we would greatly
appreciate the help.  If you could have them contact me at
c.e.tower at gmail.com, I can then attempt to coordinate their efforts.
It's possible having it on Friday night instead of Saturday afternoon
will reduce the number of people who attend the install-fest, but I'd
rather be ready for a large demand.  If any of your users want to
volunteer to staff the lounge during other periods, I would be happy to
have their help then, too.

If your users wish to bring installation CDs of their favorite distro,
that would be great.  We'll try to have the most common ones available
for use.  If any of your groups have excess Ubuntu 7.10 (in all it's
incarnations) CDs, I would be happy to take them to hand out over the
weekend and also to use Friday night.  As far as I know, we've only been
able to secure about twenty-five CDs.  Even though 8.04 is due out about
a week after Penguicon, 7.10 is the stable version we have now, so
that's what we'll use.


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