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I was told to spread the word, so spread I shall. The Detroit Perl
Mongers is having a social on the 18th, with BBQ and beer. RSVP
Todd.Chapman at eprize.com if you will attend, so they have sufficient
beer on hand. :-)  Full details below.

I see this, and I think, "Perl *must* be the best language, because
those who use it celebrate its existence with beer!"
That is the correct interpretation. "Perl is so messed up, you need to
get drunk to understand it" is the incorrect interpretation.


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The first annual Detroit Perl Mongers Social Event will be held Tuesday,
September 18th at 7pm. Please join us for BBQ and beer on the Lido deck.
Our address is: One ePrize Drive, Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069.

This is purely a social event with no technical talks scheduled, but we
will be announcing talks for Fall and Winter meetings. Everyone is
welcome. We only ask that you RSVP before the 18th so we can buy enough
food and beer. ( You must be 21 to be served. )


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