[ubuntu-us-mi] Reminder: one week from now is Packaging Jam 2007

Rick Harding rharding at mitechie.com
Sun Oct 28 21:42:59 GMT 2007

Reminder: One week away is Packaging Jam 2007

There's still time to sign up as there is a bunch of space available.
Now that Gutsy is out and work on Hardy is starting up, now is the time
to figure this packaging thing out.

If you know anyone else that might be interested, please pass the word


The guys in the Ubuntu LoCo have been tossing the idea around of having
a Packaging Jam. A day where guys get together and tackle the learning
curve required to take software and package it for Ubuntu. I'm hosting
the event at my place in Clarkston MI on Sat. Nov. 3rd.

The flyer has the information about the event. Make sure you look at the
requirements before responding that you'd like to attend. The goal of
this is to get a core group of guys that can then go out and take what
they learn to teach/help other groups of people. In essence, to create
our own Michigan MOTU goto team.

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. I'll actually
hand out directions once we get the spots filled.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone not on these two mailing
lists that you think could be a great packaging asset.

Flyer Url:

Rick Harding

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