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Thu Oct 18 14:49:24 BST 2007

The result is a date number that can be formatted as a date. You then
see the date of a day that is a certain number of Workdays away from
the Start date.

WORKDAY (Start date;Days;Holidays)

Start date: the date from when the calculation is carried out. If the
start date is a workday, the day is included in the calculation.

Days: the number of workdays. Positive value for a result after the
start date, negative value for a result before the start date.

Holidays: list of optional holidays. These are non-working days. Enter
a cell range in which the holidays are listed individually.

The reply from the Excel user:

In case you are using a spreadsheet that doesn't have the WORKDAY
function but does have a WEEKDAY function, assuming that your due date
will be on a business day, then the formula for four days before the
value in cell A3 is


If you have due dates on non-business days, then you would need to
nest an additional if statement for the Saturday and Sunday due dates


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