[ubuntu-us-mi] Fwd: Question on Excel (from a school mainling list)

Greg Grossmeier greg.grossmeier at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 19:32:08 BST 2007

Below is the email asking for help, then my response, then the response from
what I assume is an Excel user.


On 10/20/07, Judy wrote
> I have read the help in Excel and still don't know how to do the
> following:
> I want to put in a due date and in another cell put in the date that is
> 4 BUSINESS days earlier than that.  I can subtract day, but not
> business days, even though they have an "autofill" that will put in
> only business days.
> Anyone know how to do this?


I don't have Excel installed, but I do use OpenOffice, and it is a simple
one command: WORKDAY.  I assume there is something similar in Excel.

Syntax:  assume A1 has due date.  =WORKDAY(A1;-4)  You can also add known
holidays as a third input, but it isn't required (the help tells you about


Greg Grossmeier

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