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Trevor Jagoda spam.goes.here48048 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 00:56:09 BST 2007

Hey guys!

I recently got in touch with the people from PenguiCon about stuff we
could do to help them, here is the reply I got:

"One area that we could definitely use help with is the computer
lounge. For Penguicon 4 and 5, the Greater Lansing Linux User Group
has (under my lead) planned, set up, and administered the computer
lounge. We're doing so again for Penguicon 6.0, but it's been a
massive undertaking in the past so we're looking for some help this
year. In particular, there are two main areas where we always just
barely reach the minimum requirements:


People to keep an eye on the equipment. The Lounge is open for 48
hours straight and we can't have any of  the hardware being abused or
walking off. Although these activities have never been a problem at
any Penguicon, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So
far, we've been able to just scrape by on GLLUG volunteers alone.

Any help that we could get in this regard would be most appreciated.
If there's interest, I can put you in touch with the person who will
be maintaining the volunteer schedule. It's helpful (but not
necessary) if those volunteering to staff the lounge have some Linux
experience to answer questions that visitors might pose.


We run an Ubuntu-based Linux terminal server in the lounge with about
25 thin clients. The server is usually provided by Ideal Soution, LLC,
but the thin client hardware is loaned from various people and
organizations. Collecting all of this hardware is usually the most
difficult part. We mainly need the machines themselves (P2-class and
up) and monitors. If anyone in your group knows how we might have some
of these loaned to us for the weekend, I'm definitely all ears."

/Please/ reply back to me if your interested or able to help in any of
the afore-quoted aspects.  They also sounded very happy about our idea
for a room party, and they're always looking for more panels.  Good work
so far, guys!

Trevor Jagoda
spam.goes.here48048 at gmail.com 
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