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Kevin B. O'Brien zwilnik at zwilnik.com
Tue Oct 9 17:20:03 BST 2007

On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 09:05 -0400, Wolfger wrote:
> On 10/9/07, Jay R. Wren <jrwren at xmtp.net> wrote:
> > That is an easy migration.
> >
> > Just stop playing video games. Problem solved!
> Ha. People who don't play games think they're so funny. If I could
> change one thing about the Linux community, it would be the
> seriousness with which we (as a whole) treat gaming. It keeps more
> people than you think from using Linux.
> As to Jason's dilemma, I believe WOW can be made to work under WINE or
> Cedega (I refuse to play anything with a monthly subscription,
> personally). Never heard of Tabula Rasa before.

I have Windows XP working fine in a VMWare virtual workstation on my
Ubuntu laptop. But to be fair, in gaming you want performance, and I
don't think you get that with wine/VMware/etc.


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