[ubuntu-us-mi] Announce: Packaging Jam 2007 Information

Rick Harding rharding at mitechie.com
Mon Oct 8 16:54:29 BST 2007

Rick Harding wrote:
> The guys in the Ubuntu LoCo have been tossing the idea around of 
> having a Packaging Jam. A day where guys get together and tackle the 
> learning curve required to take software and package it for Ubuntu. 
> I'm hosting the event at my place in Clarkston MI on Sat. Nov. 3rd.
> The flyer attached has the information about the event. Make sure you 
> look at the requirements before responding that you'd like to attend. 
> The goal of this is to get a core group of guys that can then go out 
> and take what they learn to teach/help other groups of people. In 
> essence, to create our own Michigan MOTU goto team.
> If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. I'll 
> actually hand out directions once we get the spots filled.
> Please feel free to pass this along to anyone not on these two mailing 
> lists that you think could be a great packaging asset.
> Thanks
> Rick Harding
Ok, the groups lists didn't like me attaching the flyer. You can 
download it at this url:


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