[ubuntu-us-mi] mailing list problem reminder

Greg Grossmeier greg.grossmeier at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 17:30:40 BST 2007

I asked the person who is the admin on our list (Zelut) about this issue:

greg-g> Zelut: if there is a way to set the "reply-to" field on mailing list
messages, could you please set that to the list address for ubuntu-us-mi?
Zelut> greg-g: I thought I already did but let me go back and check
Zelut> greg-g: explicit reply-to header: ubuntu-us-mi at lists.ubuntu.com

So, apparently the reply-to is set as ubuntu-us-mi on the mailing list
admin.  I don't know if it is a gmail thing or what, but it is an issue.  I
just hope we can all remember to hit "reply-to all" or resend it if we
notice our email only went to one person.

Since I begin most threads, if I get a reply that is only to me, I usually
either reply it back to the list or ask the person if they want me to do it
for them.

It is a pain, but I think we all are able to overcome it.


On 10/3/07, Wolfger <wolfger at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since all I'm seeing are the e-mails from Greg, I think I need to remind
> everybody that if you hit "reply", your e-mail is going to the *person* and
> not the list. I personally consider this a bug, but some mailing lists are
> set with this default intentionally. Needless to say, it's lousy for
> communications, and does not lend itself well to fostering a sense of
> community.
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