[ubuntu-us-mi] Penguicon: liaisons wanted

Wolfger wolfger at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 22:42:17 GMT 2007

Penguicon is looking for people to act as liaison for Jono Bacon and
Benjamin Mako Hill. Liaison description is as follows. Contact
molly.deblanc at gmail.com if you're interested.

A liaison is required to accompany their guest to all events at which
the guest is supposed to be at, ensuring their presence. The liaison
is also supposed to make sure that their GoH gets three meals a day
(or two and a snack or however they eat. Make sure they have a
substantial enough caloric intake to not pass out.) Liaisons also run
errands for their GoHs. This last one is usually not too big of a
commitment, maybe a kinkos or drug store run.

Ideally, a liaison will also run transport for their GoH, picking them
up and dropping them off. If they can't do it, that's fine, I'll be
involved in this process and I have a few people willing to do
transport runs. If Liaison are also willing, I'll be arranging for
their hotel rooms to be next to their Guest's. Also, if I have the
cash for it, I'll be picking up ribbons that say "Liaison," "Minion,"
"Lackey," "Handler," or maybe 'CowX," to run with my 'wrangler/cowboy'
theme, with X being a variable standing for something like hand, boy,
girl, etc.

AOL IM: wolf4coyot
Yahoo!Messenger: wolfgersilberbaer
Ekiga: wolfger

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