[ubuntu-us-mi] thoughts on a Penguicon panel

Craig Maloney craig at decafbad.net
Mon Nov 12 04:55:38 GMT 2007

On Sun, 2007-11-11 at 21:31 -0500, Wolfger wrote:

> Seeing as how so much of Ubuntu is GNOME specific, I'm not sure how
> this thought process works. First show them the "one true distro", and
> then those who haven't decided "I don't like it" can be told there's
> an alternative (which they probably won't be interested in, since they
> liked the mainstream)?

Well, yes, and no. Yes, show them the mainstream version, and then show
them that there are alternatives to that mainstream version out there.
So, if someone (like yourself) says "I like Ubuntu, but that interface
has to go. I like (KDE/XFCE) better, so now I'm thinking of running
(competing distro here)", we can bring in "oh, by the way, Ubuntu
supports KDE and XFCE, as well as LTSP".

> Well, there is something to be said for "too much choice" overwhelming
> a great many people... but the desktop environment is such a HUGE part
> of the user experience that if you only present one face, that may be
> counterproductive as well. I, for example, can't stand GNOME, and
> probably would not be using Linux today if that was how I'd first
> encountered this OS.
> (My first OS, Mandrake 7-ish, offered a choice of multiple desktop
> environments at the login, and I tried them all, but I'm just freaky
> that way)

Agreed. I think KDE has too many fiddly bits to it, personally, and find
GNOME matches more of my Macintosh-derived ethos. Choice is good, but in
the case of Ubuntu, you're already asking people to make a choice
between whatever they're currently running and Ubuntu. Confusing that
with K/X/Ed/who-knows-what-else, and having the participants drink from
the firehose of choice may have people sitting back in their chairs and
deciding not to decide on any Ubuntu at all. 

Ultimately, we need to decide what the thrust of the panel will be. Are
we selling Ubuntu, preaching to the converted Linux masses, or doing
something entirely different. Ultimately that should decide what the
focus of the presentation will be. 

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