[Michigan-LoCo] ubuntu t-shirts mass order

Jay R. Wren jrwren at xmtp.net
Tue Aug 28 21:29:50 BST 2007

Rick Harding wrote:
> Jay R. Wren wrote:
>> I thought linux was supposed to be free. $20 seems like a lot for a 
>> tee-shirt. I have a few .NET tee-shirts I can spare with MS logo 
>> smeared all over them. I can give those out. They make great cloth 
>> for making a torch and burning.
>> -- 
>> j 
> Jay: go to a .Net conference somewhere and die
> Everyone else:
> I had some requests to get different shirts so I'm open to any shirt 
> design/color. I've got requests in for the white, black, and the brown 
> polo's so far. If you're interested in any of those please post here. 
> I'm only at about 7 shirts so far and I'd like to hit 20 before ordering.
> Rick

Learn what reply-to, reply-to-all and sarcasm are.  ;P

You can put me down for a brown Tee-Shirt. $20 is a lot, but I must 
support teh_scene.


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