[Michigan-LoCo] Meeting Recap (again)

Everett elinux007a at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 18:04:53 BST 2007

On 8/24/07, Wolfger <wolfger at gmail.com> wrote:
> First off, let me voice my opinion on the list:
> I think it's very annoying that the default reply to any list mail is
> to the sender, *not* the list. It's a hindrance to group
> communications IMO.

It's annoying I agree. Greg will have to see if there is something we can do
about that, but for now at least we have a way to communicate with the

> Out next meeting is sept. 11th. We'll be talking with* Michael K.
> > Johnson and Ken VanDine from rpath at http://rpath.com. ***
> Is it in Plymouth again, or are we going to mix up the locations a
> bit? I had mentioned Rochester Mills as an alternative, though I don't
> know if they have wifi, but I know they brew good beer. :-) I can't
> access their site from work, but I'll post the URL:
> http://www.rochestermillsbeerco.com

The meeting being referred to in Rick's post was a plug for the MUG meeting
which is held in Farmington Hills (I believe). As for the LoCo Team, I
believe the intention was to discuss or next meeting in this mailing list to
determine whether it would be held in IRC or IRL. Any suggestions are
welcome of course.

I know you mentioned the Rochester Mills. Do they have accommodations for
our members that are under 21?

Sorry you couldn't make it to the meeting. I enjoyed meeting everyone last

- Everett
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