Eric Wentworth fred_sambo at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 29 19:02:48 UTC 2012

Nice to meet you.  I'm originally from Orono, now in Portland.

On 03/29/2012 03:01 PM, Eric Proctor wrote:
> My name is Eric Proctor.  I live in the Bangor, Maine area and have 
> been using Ubuntu off and on since about 2004.  I've never noticed any 
> kind of ubuntu presence in Maine before but am happy to see that there 
> is some.  Looking forward to possibly meeting others at some point, 
> while waiting somewhat patiently for 12.04 to be released.
> -- 
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>     /Please note that I, Eric Proctor, do not claim that anything I
>     say or do is
>     //backed by any real world experience that may either qualify or
>     in any way
>     //allow me to serve as any authority for anything I say./
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