Introducing Elliot Murphy

Maciej Lecki mlecki at
Thu Oct 20 13:29:44 UTC 2011

Hi Guys,

I'll take this as a chance to introduced myself here - my name is Maciej, I
have used Ubuntu for I don't know how long :) I am not coding much - just a
big fan of Distribution. I have moved to Wells, ME about a year ago.

I would love to meet other people interested in Ubuntu!

Best Regards,

Maciej Lecki

On 10/20/11 9:06 AM, "Eric Wentworth" <fred_sambo at> wrote:

> Hi Eliot!  Our group is pretty loose, that said, it is nice to meet
> you.  I'm in Portland as well.
> Elliot Murphy wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Just a quick note to introduce myself:
>> I'm Elliot Murphy, and I just moved from Cocoa, FL to Portland, ME
>> with my wife and daughter. I've been an Ubuntu user for a long time,
>> and for the last 5 years have worked at Canonical in various
>> capacities. Currently I'm an Ubuntu MOTU developer (wish I had more
>> time for code), and I run Core Development & Operations worldwide for
>> Canonical (our data centers, online operations, IT department, and
>> developer tools departments). Previously I was a founding member of
>> the Ubuntu Florida loco team, and am looking forward to meeting folks
>> here.  When I'm in town I'll be working from a rented desk at
>>, and am always happy to meet other
>> Ubuntu users and advocates.
>> Is there any sort of release party planned for 11.10?

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