Laptop won't turn on with new RAM

Keith keith at
Fri Sep 24 21:21:08 BST 2010

I would recommend going to if you're not familiar with
different RAM types and what your computer requires. Just plug in the
make/model number of the computer (or motherboard if you ever build
your own) and they give you back the exact memory that they guarantee
will work with your system. Their prices aren't that bad either. It's
where I get all memory that I buy for my customers. I've had great
luck with them


On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 4:01 PM, James Ewing Cottrell 3rd
<JECottrell3 at> wrote:
>  Immediately take the RAM back to the store you bought it from. Take
> the computer in too if it's a laptop. Talk to their Customer Service
> Dept. Also either check the manual or call Sony.
> I wouldn't use a BIOS setting of anything but AUTO, at least not until I
> got it to work.
> And if you don't get satisfaction from the store, give the RAM back to
> the manager and tell him you will be calling your credit card company
> back to initiate a Charge Back.
> However, I would have bought two 1G DIMMs rather than two 512M DIMMs.
> If you ask around, you can probably get Free DDR RAM, as people upgrade
> their computers.
> P.S. Have you tried with just one of the new DIMMS? And tried it it both
> slots? Mixed may not work, and if you are using only one DIMM, it may
> need to go in a specific slot.
> On 1/7/2010 8:05 AM, christopher fletez-brant wrote:
>> I am using a vaio vgn-fs630w, which came stock with 2x(256mb 333mhz ddr) for
>> a total of 512mb RAM. I just bought 2x(512mb 333mhz ddr) so that I could
>> updrade the machine to 1gb RAM, and then to Windows 7 (it's for my
>> girlfriend, ok?). The computer doesn't turn on with the new RAM in - it
>> powers up, but the BIOS doesn't load, and the boot up process doesn't even
>> make it to the vaio/phoenix splash screen.
>> Any thoughts guys?  The BIOS is up to date and I have tried swapping out
>> only one memory unit at a time, and then tried swapping the memory ports and
>> all the other normal stuff... Someone on the ubuntu forums recommended that
>> I change the RAM's command rate to 2T, but I don't know how to do this and
>> fear that it means editing settings in the BIOS, because this computer's
>> BIOS is as change-resistant as could be imagined (there are no options to
>> change anything at all except the boot order and system time/date).
>> I don't want to think that I'm stuck with 2 bum units that I need to
>> return...
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