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To be honest install fests tend to fall a bit flat in my experience. We've
tried a few and had some attendees but overall the turnout tends to be
people who have tried it and had issues with particular hardware. The
general consensus from group members is it is more work than what its worth.

That being said if you want to try one out your way I encourage you to do
so. You will likely pull in a different crowd. You mentioned the lower
income group attracting those who want something for free and
Ubuntu/Linux/FOSS provides that. The question becomes are those that you
describe willing to learn something new?

I think it is worthwhile to try and see the results. Find out if the area is
interested in FOSS and such. You're not stepping on any toes by doing this.
The only 'official' process is letting us know what's happening when using
the name of the team for Ubuntu Maryland. And if you are going to run
something like this signing the Code of Conduct (which I saw you had done)
is something that i like to see.

I would suggest waiting at least a few weeks after the release to hold the
install fest. Both so that you can install the 10.04 which is an LTS and
I'll have recieved the Loco pack of pressed CDs by that time and can get a
nice disc to hand out at the event with each installation:)

While I can not help with the organization of the event itself I will make
an attempt to attend and help out as I can.

Let me know how this progresses for you and feel free to ask questions as
they come up!


On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 5:57 AM, Dan Buhrman <dan.buhrman at> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I do not believe many of you know me, however, I joined the Maryland Team
> on
> Launchpad a few months back.  I have had every intention of attending a
> meeting since then, however, the library is a 2 hour drive for me, and work
> and college tend to make it difficult to find time presently.
> Anyway, I would really like to have an Install Fest in Western Maryland
> (Hagerstown area).  I'm not sure if there is anything that needs to happen
> with the team, or anyone to specifically contact, however, I was hoping for
> some guidance in this area.  What steps need to be taken, strategies that
> have worked in the past, etc.
> Our area is saturated with people who do nothing more than email, web
> browsing, and maybe some word processing on their computers, making them an
> ideal target for Ubuntu.  Mix that with the lower average salaries and
> lower
> cost of living (everything is cheaper), and anything with a free price-tag
> is a tempting offer to my neighbors.  Also, the Hagerstown area has the
> advantage of attracting people from 3 states (the tri-state area).  Since
> our outlets and mall is the best for miles around, people from Martinsburg,
> WV, Chambersburg, PA, and everywhere in between travel to Hagerstown often
> to shop.
> My main questions are:
>   - Does everyone agree this is a worth-while venture, and ok for me to
>   move forward?  I do not want to step on anyone's toes and hope I am not
>   doing so.
>   - Is there any official approval process that I need to go through with
>   this team or Ubuntu in order to have an Install Fest?
>   - What strategies have worked in the past as far as attracting people to
>   the fest?
>   - I was hoping to host this for 10.04, does anyone have any opinions on
>   the timeframe for this?  For example, would it be better to have the
> Install
>   Fest close to the release date and kind of combine a release party with
> the
>   Install Fest, or wait a few months afterwards for stability reasons?
>  (Not
>   saying it won't be stable out of the box, but time heals a lot in any
>   software, including Ubuntu)
>   - Is there anyone else on the team that lives in this area that would
>   like to help?
>   - Anything anyone else can think of that may hinder the event.
> I appreciate all of your consideration in this matter.  I feel the Maryland
> Team is one of the more active and innovative LoCo Teams, and hope to meet
> most of you soon, and become more active with the team.
> Best Regards!
> Dan Buhrman
> (240) 818-8521
> 14633 Water Company Rd.
> Cascade, MD 21719
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