Free computer...

John Biggs pcgenius at
Sun Feb 7 15:27:01 GMT 2010

Before I throw this out to the wolves on craigslist I have some stuff I'm
getting rid of for FREE. Pickup only. First come first serve.

Computer: I'm not sure what the condition is. It has a DVD burner and DVD
reader, 512MB Ram, Athlon processor (1800-2600XP?), case, power supply. No
hard drive but I may be able to dig one up.

5 external drive enclosures. All for IDE. I believe they all work but who

Brand new Logitech USB gaming pad.

Assortment of other stuff I don't want.... USB hubs, fingerprint readers,

Old AT keyboard, old PS2 keyboard. Both of these keyboards are the real nice
heavy keyboards. Not the cheapie keyboards they make today.

Email me directly. I don't get replies to the mailing list until the end of
the week.

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