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Just did a really quick Google on Chesapeake Center - but got back several,
so I wanted to find out which one.  I would like to find out what the local
papers are and send in a story.



On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 07:48:14 -0400, christopher fletez-brant
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> Good Morning MD LoCos,
> I thought I'd give a little bit of an update about how the linux
> implementation is going at the Chesapeake Center.  Out of a total 6 with
> Kubuntu made ready by John Hofstetter (big thanks!) we have 3 set up in a
> classroom, where currently students are learning to type and write and
> familiar with a computer (remember, many of these students don't have one
> at
> home).  One even figured out how to create a file!  There are 3 more of
> John's, and a whopping 5 made available by Ron Swift and my work (again,
> big
> thanks!).  Our plan now is to wait until a room is cleaned out that will
> the school's computer lab; hopefully this room cleanup will be done by
> weekend and then we can set up the remaining computers.  The other thing
> are hoping to get set up this weekend is Dansguardian on all of the
> machines.  John installed it on the computers for me, but neither he nor
> know how to use it.  I found a guide that I am going to follow (
> but I would love for the community to review it and make suggestions if
> someone knows a better or easier way.  There will be more to come in the
> next few weeks; one request I've had from the teachers is that maybe
> someone
> from the community could come in and give a talk to the students about
> computers work and what linux and windows are.  If anyone has a talk
> prepared or interest in giving one, please respond to this email and
> hammer out the details (if you have interest, but no talk as yet, don't
> worry, we probably have 2 -3 weeks before this would happen).
> Thank you all very much for all your help so far, and when we are fully
> operational, I'll give a full report (with pictures!) at one of the
> meetings.  You are all heroes!
> Kipper Fletez-Brant

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