Dell Mini 9 Disk Full

Nate omegamormegil at
Thu Sep 17 00:38:02 BST 2009


By SD I assume you mean SSD (solid state drive).  Was this drive a
replacement for the drive that came with the computer?  I don't believe Dell
sells Mini 9's with drives smaller than 4GB.  Can you remove the 2GB drive
and replace it with the 14GB one and reinstall Ubuntu?

How are you connecting the 14GB hard drive to the computer?  USB via a hard
drive enclosure?


On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 9:39 AM, Ron Swift <rswift at> wrote:

> I have a Dell mini 9 with 2 gig SD drive, a second 14 gb sd drive and a
> 2 gb media card. The Ubuntu system is installed on the 2 gig drive and
> after the last update it is full. There is nothing in the /home/users
> directories other than folders.
> How can I utilize the 14 gb sd drive for system files? Gparted is
> installed on the system but I have never used it.
> Thanks
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