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Ron Swift rswift at
Wed Sep 2 19:40:58 BST 2009

I have 4 crt monitors to donate. They are at my office in Catonsville, 2 
W. Rolling Crossroads, Suite 112, 21228. Office hours are 8:30 am to 
5:30 pm Mon - Friday.
I only need a hand written receipt.
Call me at 410.788.7011 ext 5005.

christopher fletez-brant wrote:
> Update:
> 1) Thank you everyone for all the help!  You are all great!  This kind of
> effort is what makes the Linux community a real community.
> 2) Physical setup:  After a lot of thought, we decided that what would work
> best would be for me and my gf to do the set up on site.  This is for a
> number of reasons, most of which are scheduled oriented.  To this end I
> would like to arrange convenient pick up times for everyone involved.  Since
> I know some people need documentation of their donation, please send me an
> email with what you need and we will get said paper work in order by the
> time of pickup.
> Again, everyone, thank you.  This is awesome.  Our goal is to demonstrate,
> by means of an in-classroom implementation of Linux, the utility of the
> system for the school's computer lab, which needs something of an update.  I
> will keep everyone posted on the success of this program once we have set it
> up.
> Kipper Fletez-Brant
> On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 5:50 PM, Nate<omegamormegil at>  wrote:
>> Hello everyone!
>> I just wanted to update those interested on the Chesapeake Center for Youth
>> Development's request for donations.  We currently have 4 Kubuntu 9.04
>> machines almost ready to go, which have been donated by the company John
>> Hofstetter works for.  John has been working on getting them all running.
>> Thanks John!
>> Details of the donations:
>> I've got 4 Dell Optliplex 240 towers with fresh installs of Kubuntu 9.04
>>> ready to go.  Also to donate are three crt monitors, all in good working
>>> order.  One is a huge clunker, about 20-21 inch.  There are two
>>> keyboards--one has problems but is useable--and at least three mice as
>> well.
>>> Of the Dell towers, all have 1.8 GHz processors, use PC133 RAM and have
>> CD
>>> ROM's.  One currently has only 256meg of RAM but Brian Kemp has more
>> PC133
>>> to contribute, I've been in touch with him.  The other three have 512meg.
>>>   One has a 20 gig HD, two have 40 gig HD and one a 75 gig HD.  In
>> addition
>>> to the software installed by default, Firefox, VLC media player, Kwrite,
>>> Abiword and Synaptic have been installed.  Also the w32codecs, Mplayer.,
>>> flash player and Java plugins for Firefox are installed.
>> Kipper Fletez-Brant has indicated that the school would be interested in
>> all
>> four systems.  We will need to get an Internet filter working on each one,
>> and I think Dan's Guardian would be our best bet.  John may (or may not)
>> need some help getting it set up, so if you are a Dan's Guardian Guru, let
>> us know!
>> Kipper is working on scheduling the physical set-up, and we will probably
>> need a couple hands to help with that, too.  I'll let you all know when we
>> have more information.
>> Nate (Omegamormegil)
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