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Thu Oct 15 21:17:24 BST 2009

Update is as follows:
We have set up 3 computers in one classroom.  The 3 are all provided by John
Hofstetter, complete with Kubuntu.  The school is in the process of clearing
out a currently disused room so that the remainder of the computers can be
installed as a computer lab.  When that happens, the remaining 3 provided by
John will be set up.  Additionally, another 5 computers will be installed
then - 2 from my employer and 3 from Ron.  Some of these 5 are a little
older and can handle a JeOS or Puppy Linux setup, although Nate had
suggested using them like thin clients.  I would like to ask the list now
for suggestions about these computers, since while we have a while, it will
be easier if when the time comes we can just physically implement the

As these classrooms are self-contained, the same students are using them
every day, which means they are in constant contact with the computers.
 Mostly they use the machines for word processing - part of their program
requires that they get a job, and now they have a word processor.  While
resume writing has been the most useful experience for them, I'd like to
close by sharing my favorite anecdotes.  One student has taught himself to
make a file.  Another has fallen in love with the GUI and just likes to
start programs to watch the bouncing icon.  A 3rd, my personal favorite,
loves KStars and enjoys just watching the moving pictures.  Since these
people have never really used a computer before, this first month or so has
been a learning experience.

Thank you everyone for continuing to pitch in,
Kipper Fletez-Brant

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Ron Swift <rswift at>wrote:

> I will not be able to attend tonight's meeting. I would like to receive
> an update on the computer donation project installations to date and
> projections.
> I am also interested in attending the release party.
> Thanks
> Chuck Frain wrote:
> > Greetings All,
> >
> > Well this meeting really snuck up on me. Due to the way the month falls
> > tonight is the Ubuntu MD Team meeting. As normal we'll be meeting at the
> > Howard County Library Central Branch[1] from 7-9pm. If we are not in our
> > normal room behind the vending machines then we'll try to convene in the
> > children's reading room.
> >
> > I don't have any big agenda items other than the Karmic release party at
> > the end of the month. If you have any ideas or suggestions of where to
> > hold the event let me know here on the list, via private email or the
> > meeting tonight!
> >
> > Also last night I received three monitors for the computer donations
> > project. I haven't had a chance to test them or get their sizes. (2 17's
> > and a 15 just from a glance at them) I also have a set of speakers that
> > attaches to one of them and a keyboard. I can hold on to them for a bit
> > if needed or if there is someone else with a home for them let me know!
> >
> > [1]
> >
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