newbie need help

John Alan Hastings jah1066 at
Thu Oct 1 15:55:31 BST 2009


When you boot up Ubuntu, on the upper panel, over on the right is the
icon for the network.  If you are connected, it will look like the
familiar bars (and will show how strong your signal is).  If you are not
connected, it will look like a terminal.

Click on it, and it will show you what networks are visible (and also
show which are open and which are encrypted).  Select and click on the
one to which you want to connect.  If it is an encrypted network, you
will have to give it the key.

Shortly, you should see the familiar bars.

Good luck.


Wendy Tsai wrote:
> To all,
>     I met some of you at the library not too long ago.  One of you guys, made me a boot up usb.  Sorry I'm really bad with names.  When I boot up with the usb, I'm not connected to the web and I'm connected when i boot up with vista.  Can you tell me where I need to go to set that up?
> Thanks
> Wendy

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