It's that time again - Let's help out FOSS

Craig Younkins cyounkins at
Sat Nov 21 18:54:50 GMT 2009

Once again, Saturday is upon us. *Tonight at 8* we'll be contributing back
to FOSS while having a great time.

Grub 2 configuration bothering you? Take a look at blueprints and ideas for
a Grub 2 GUI configuration tool.
Encountered a bug that you haven't had time to report? Now is the time!
Confirm bugs for your favorite software package, or help users in the forum.
*You* can help the community.

IRC: #umbclinux on
SIP room: sip:5018622 at <sip%3A5018622 at>

I'll be in the SIP room tonight and I hope to see some other people join in.
See how to use IRC <> and
how to use Ekiga <> to join us. Feel
free to message the list if you are having trouble.

I'll see you tonight!


Craig Younkins
Mobile: (301) 520-0463
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