Ubuntu 9.10 on Dell Dimension 2400

Ron Swift rswift at swiftstaffing.com
Wed Nov 11 21:01:42 GMT 2009

I have two Dell Dimension 2400 workstations at my office that ran Win XP 
for about 3 years. Both were purchased new from Dell with Win XP 
installed and are similarly configured with 512 mb ram, Intel Celeron 
chip and 80 gig hard drive.
I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on one using Wubi from within Win XP and a fresh 
install of Ubuntu 9.10 completely wiping out Win XP on the other.
The one machine with the dual boot will boot into Ubuntu but after 
working in it for about 10 minutes or so it will freeze the screen and 
keyboard but the mouse cursor still moves. The machine has to be hard 
powered down.
The second fresh install machine does the exact same thing. It also 
displays "Serial8250 too much work for irq17" errors multiple times.
If it was just one and not both machines, I would have the motherboard 
replaced and try re-installing Ubuntu. But I am not sure that it is a 
hardware versus a Ubuntu OS issue.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Ronald Swift
410-788-7011, Ext 5005
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