Install Party?

Cristopher Thomas crisnoh at
Mon Nov 2 21:48:00 GMT 2009

On Fri, 2009-10-30 at 13:25 -0400, Chuck Glenn wrote: 
> Now that 9.10 is officially out the door, is the MD LoCo planning to
> do an "installation party"?
> -- Chuck Glenn (the "other" Chuck)

The DC linux user group had these details about a Karmic install fest
for Nov 11 at George Washington University:

Hosted By: GWU Chapter of the ACM

When: Wednesday Nov 11, 5:30pm when we finish we finish.
around 8-9pm.  
(Why a Wednesday instead of Friday this time? Students never show up! We
they're too busy partying so, we're trying a non-party night)

George Washington University
7th floor of Rice Hall / Academic Center, Computer Science Department 
conference room (736)

Foggy Bottom metro or there's a parking garage on 22nd from H to I.  If
you come out and are on 22nd street, you'll be facing 
the art building. Walk around it (on either H or I) and you'll see a
bridge / walkway thing crossing a small courtyard attaching the art
building to Phillips/Rice/Acad.  There's a door under the walkway/bridge
thing. Enter there, and you'll be in a lobby with 4 elevators. Go to the
7th floor, and turn left when you leave the elevator.  Go past the men's
room, and then enter the door next to the ladies' room (we'll have it
propped open). 



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