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This came across the BaltoLUG mailing list and thought it would be of
interest to the members here. What you see here is all I know of the event.

A similar event had been planned once before last fall iirc but was canceled
so be sure to check back on the website for updates if they should occur.

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Subject: [baltolug] OpenStreetMap Baltimore Mapping Party
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I'm hosting a mapping party in the city next weekend (April 4th and 5th). A
mapping party is a social event where you meet other people interested in
maps, and we help each other improve OpenStreetMap.  It's fun, and you get a
sense of why the great artists would paint and overpaint until they felt
satisfied that they'd captured everything they saw.

Do you know someone who would like to contribute to an open source project,
but doesn't code, and isn't interested in writing documentation?  This is a
great way for them to experience the joy that we geeks get out of creating
something for ourselves, sharing it with others, and seeing their pleasure.
 Map editing is something that everyone can do, since everyone knows one
place or another.

I have GPS receivers to loan out to people.  I'll show you how to use them
to gather location information, and edit OpenStreetMap.  Even if the weather
is bad, we can do online mapping off aerial photos.

A new feature added in the last month is faster Mapnik rendering, so that if
you make edits during the afternoon of next weekend, by the time you get
home, those edits will likely be rendered and visible for all to see.  Very

Here are the details.  Please share this email with anyone you know loves
their community, likes to walk, hike, and bicycle, or makes maps.
Russ Nelson - http://community.cloudmade.com/blog -
russ at cloudmade.com - Twitter: Russ_OSM -

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