A shout out for some help / advice

Matt Burkhardt mlb at imparisystems.com
Sun Jun 7 19:32:17 BST 2009

I've been doing some volunteer work for the Boys and Girls Club of
Frederick and they wanted a File Server put up.  They had also asked for
Active Directory - but since this is their one and only server, they
thought it might be better to go with a Linux distro.  I can get a LAMP
server up easily enough, but unsure about openLDAP.  They also have a
problem with their current router only giving out 5 DHCP leases at a
time.  What should I install for them?  Should it be DHCP/DNS/openLDAP
and Samba?  Realize of course, that I'm not a network guy.  How hard /
easy would this be?  I'll also be install ClamAV, Webmin (or should it
be eBox - which Ubuntu seems to be supporting but seems to have

Matt Burkhardt, M.Sci. Technology Management
mlb at imparisystems.com
(301) 682-7901
502 Fairview Avenue
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