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Chuck Frain chuckfrain at pobox.com
Mon Feb 23 03:36:09 GMT 2009

I don't have any information on this beyond what is in this email but
thought it would be of interest to some people. I do know that the
openstreetmap project is an interesting concept.


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Subject: [baltolug] OpenStreetMap mapping party in Baltimore
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Hi.  I'm flying in to Baltimore next weekend to host an OpenStreetMap
mapping party.  It's being held from 10a.m. to 4p.m. at Red Emmas on both
Saturday and Sunday.  I have a set of GPS receivers to loan out to people,
and I'll teach all skills needed to improve the map of Baltimore.

Why?  Because all the existing maps are closed, expensive, and out of date.
 Because this open street map is free, open, and as current as you want it
to be.  Because if you want to write a mapping program, or present your data
against a map, you have no good starting point.  Let's fix that.

OpenStreetMap is a database of geospatial information, licensed under the
CC-BY-SA license, and is managed by a UK non-profit foundation (I'll let you
guess the name.)  (hint: it's not "OpenStreetMap Rumbottom").

More information about OpenStreetMap:  http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/

More information about this mapping party:

Hope to see you there; if you have any questions, send email, or call my
call: 315-323-1241.  Feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who
loves maps.

Russ Nelson - http://community.cloudmade.com/blog -
russ at cloudmade.com - http://openstreetmap.org/user/RussNelson

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