My poor Karmic boot time

Nate omegamormegil at
Sat Dec 12 21:02:51 GMT 2009

For anyone interested,

I installed Karmic on my Dell Mini 9 (with non-standard components) and my
boot time was terrible.  I created a test partition and reinstalled Jaunty
to it, upgraded to Karmic, and just now to Lucid to test my boot times.
Here are the results:

My Karmic fresh install:  135 seconds

On the test partition:
Jaunty - 30 seconds
Karmic (upgrade) - 135 seconds
Lucid Alpha 1 (upgrade) - 25 seconds

The good news is that I don't appear to have a hardware problem, and Lucid
is already faster than Jaunty.  The bad news is that Lucid freezes up
randomly after a minute or so (which is to be expected) so I'm still stuck
with 135 second boots for another 5 months.


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