Helping FOSS - Now with more mumbling!

Craig Younkins cyounkins at
Sat Dec 5 20:13:49 GMT 2009

Tonight at 8 we'll be having our weekly time set aside to help out FOSS. I
hope to see you there!

Since SIP/Ekiga conferencing seems to stink for multiple people, we're going
to try something new tonight. It's a voice chat program called
*Mumble*<>and it's similar to Ventrilo
and TeamSpeak.

Mumble *1.1.8* is in the Ubuntu and Fedora repositories as 'mumble'. Not
sure about others. Clients are also available for Windows and Mac OS
at the sourceforge
download page <>. Just make
sure you grab 1.1.8 and not the 1.2 beta as they are not compatible with
each other. After it's installed, there is a nice setup wizard for audio.
You should probably enable 'echo cancellation' and bind a key for
push-to-talk (like super/windows). When you connect to the server using the
information below, you'll get a warning that the SSL certificate is
self-signed. This is normal, and you can go ahead and click OK.

Email the list if you have troubles!

IRC: #umbclinux on

See how to use IRC <>.



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