Computer Donations Project

Nate omegamormegil at
Thu Aug 27 22:50:52 BST 2009

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to update those interested on the Chesapeake Center for Youth
Development's request for donations.  We currently have 4 Kubuntu 9.04
machines almost ready to go, which have been donated by the company John
Hofstetter works for.  John has been working on getting them all running.
Thanks John!

Details of the donations:

I've got 4 Dell Optliplex 240 towers with fresh installs of Kubuntu 9.04
> ready to go.  Also to donate are three crt monitors, all in good working
> order.  One is a huge clunker, about 20-21 inch.  There are two
> keyboards--one has problems but is useable--and at least three mice as well.
> Of the Dell towers, all have 1.8 GHz processors, use PC133 RAM and have CD
> ROM's.  One currently has only 256meg of RAM but Brian Kemp has more PC133
> to contribute, I've been in touch with him.  The other three have 512meg.
>  One has a 20 gig HD, two have 40 gig HD and one a 75 gig HD.  In addition
> to the software installed by default, Firefox, VLC media player, Kwrite,
> Abiword and Synaptic have been installed.  Also the w32codecs, Mplayer.,
> flash player and Java plugins for Firefox are installed.
Kipper Fletez-Brant has indicated that the school would be interested in all
four systems.  We will need to get an Internet filter working on each one,
and I think Dan's Guardian would be our best bet.  John may (or may not)
need some help getting it set up, so if you are a Dan's Guardian Guru, let
us know!

Kipper is working on scheduling the physical set-up, and we will probably
need a couple hands to help with that, too.  I'll let you all know when we
have more information.

Nate (Omegamormegil)

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