preDevCamp needs a home

Robert Eisenzopf deitai at
Sat Aug 8 04:12:47 BST 2009

Pick a hotel with Wifi nearby.
"Robert Eisenzopf" <deitai at>

Craig Younkins <cyounkins at>
> Hey all,
> Can anyone help out my friend Alice Carback here? She got
> into an
> unfortunate situation when her attendees list for
> preDevCamp doubled, and
> her current venue won't be able to hold that many. Can
> anyone help her out
> by providing or pointing to a venue for preDevCamp?
> Email her at: alice.carback at
> Craig Younkins
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Alice Carback <alice.carback at>
> Date: Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 9:26 PM
> Subject: [UMBC-LUG] Venue Upgrade for Saturday
> To: UMBC LUG <umbclinux at>
> Do you know of any place in Silver Spring that could hold
> a few dozen people
> and their laptops for a developer event?
> My original venue for preDevCamp was perfect for the list
> of attendees I had
> a week ago.
> My list has doubled and I am nervous about my having that
> many people show
> up at a Panera for a dev event. I have 60 people
> registered, but I have the
> event scheduled so they won't all be there at the same
> time.
> Any restaurants, companies, or venues that could donate
> the space would be
> counted as a sponsor and would get nationally announced
> as a beloved and
> appreciated sponsor of the event.
> Anyone who can get me hooked up with a venue will receive
> a 9" bake pan of
> home made chicken pot pie and a 24 pack of their beer of
> choice.
> Many Thanks,
> Alice Carback
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