Linux Against Poverty: Any interest in doing something like this around here?

Nate omegamormegil at
Thu Aug 6 04:07:33 BST 2009

Great.  There is a new list on the wiki where anyone can indicate that they
have computers to donate.

If we can get a list of donors together, than we can be better organized in
matching these unwanted computers with people that need them.  Feel free to
add this information to the list.

Nate (Omegamormegil)

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 8:46 PM, John Hofstetter
<hookedonlinux at>wrote:

> My employer should have at least six Dell Optiplex 240's to give me
> shortly after I replace them with Optiplex 280's at various
> workstations.  There won't be any monitors available and at this point
> the availability of keyboards and mice are uncertain.  CRT monitors are
> fairly inexpensive at places like Goodwill and used computer stores.
> I've got some storage space and would be able to set up three towers at
> once connecting to a four port KVM.
> John Hofstetter
> 10 E 4th St #17
> Frederick, MD 21701-5257
> 301-668-7446
> hookedonlinux at
> honkytonk9876 at
> christopher fletez-brant wrote:
> > I spoke with my company's IT guy - he has one pc to throw out now but no
> > monitor.  Any other thoughts?  Does anyone else know if their work is
> > tossing out computers soon?  Or suggestions along the lines of companies
> I
> > might reach out to? I can do computer storage, too, btw...
> > Kipper Fletez-Brant
> >

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