Linux Against Poverty: Any interest in doing something like this around here?

Robert Eisenzopf deitai at
Mon Aug 3 22:01:22 BST 2009

I'll help in whatever way you need. As mentioned
previously, I've been refurbishing
PIII's with at least 800MHz and 256MB RAM or low end PIV's,
loading them with Linux
that has G Compris such as Edubuntu(Debian base) or
K12LTSP(Fedora base) and
with a decent video card the kids can have fun with Tux
Kart or Tux Racer. Kids are
not concerned about proper(proprietary) tools or OS and
they drag resisting adults
along with their enthusiasm. The parents don't care if
their children are learning something
and their own children convert them to open source when
cost analysis and functionality
dawns upon doubtful minds. I'm not a techie but an educator
- but I do whatever it
takes to get there!
I have followed online several successful projects such as
you mention. They have found
that they need a warehouse, committed volunteers, strict
donation criteria(so as not to
become an electronic dumping ground), a scheduled
publicized donation event, and 
scheduled training time(s) and place for the donees.
Colleges and larger church congregations
are willing to become involved in helping in many ways.
With most schools it takes time....
We are training the generation after us with new tools and
the new attitudes that open
source provides. Linux is a more natural extension of a
man's talents. We have gone within
a few short years from texting to X-Windows to Live CD's to
USB Flash Drive Linux sticks
to Linux Remixes, etc. Some of these new users(even
children) are figuring out how to do
what they want and we need to encourage them to do what we
do. Linux is more than just
computers and that is part of what we need to teach and
instill in our donees.
And so, since you are the designated project manager, what
"Robert Eisenzopf" <deitai at>
Nate <omegamormegil at>
> Also, if anyone is interested in specifically helping
> planning/organization of this project, feel free to speak
up.  :)
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