Linux Against Poverty

Keith keinea at
Sat Aug 1 16:07:43 BST 2009

Governor O'Malley's office is asking Maryland taxpayers for feedback on
ways to save funding in the state budget. I'm sure the state could save
a bundle by following the lead of such organizations such as Johns
Hopkins and some of the county organizations in the state, such as the
Howard County Library and other counties on the eastern shore. 

Nothing else, with all the state/county owned computer systems that get
re-cycled because they no longer meet the newer proprietary software
requirements, they could at least create a process where groups like the
Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team, could obtain this re-cycled hardware and
bring it back to life using open source software, such as Ubuntu.

I've rebuild a few old Pentium III systems with 384MB of memory and
installed Ubuntu 8.04, which make for a very nice desktop computer. For
zero cost, you can have a computer with current software to allow you to
still do your word processing and spreadsheets, and browse the Internet.

Maybe with enough response, we can bring some changes in the way the
state uses their IT resources.

Just follow this link to submit your suggestions:

Keith Neal

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