Dell Inspiron Mini 9

Christopher Snyder chris at
Fri Sep 5 16:01:36 BST 2008

The new Mini looks very impressive, too bad i just ordered the Studio15
(Ubuntu of Course) two weeks ago. The only down-side i can see with the new
mini is the reduced keyboard, like with all mini-books. It probably
something that you get used to the more you use it.

Keith - I might be interested in your Latitude, keep me informed :)

Christopher Snyder

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 9:56 AM, Keith <pdragon at> wrote:

> Dell's entry into the subnotebook market was released yesterday. Comes
> with either Ubuntu (Netbook Remix edition) or Windows XP Home. Right
> now, the two OS's turn out to be about the same cost (slightly more
> for Linux if you want bluetooth & 1.3mp camera). After a few weeks,
> though, the special discount on WinXP will be gone and the Linux one
> will be cheaper. The pre-configured ones with higher specs have WinXP
> by default. If you want Linux, just choose that one and upgrade what
> you want.
> I'm probably going to get one, but waiting for some more reviews
> myself (if so, will be selling another Latitude D820 laptop if anyone
> is interested! :). Only big complaints I've seen are the keyboard.
> F1-F10 (there is no F11 or F12) are built along the home row as
> special keys instead of being their own. Also several other keys are
> in non-standard places (quotes being the most non-standard). I think I
> could probably get used to it. And I personally can't think of many
> programs that I'd miss the F11 & F12 key for.
> Pre-production model review:
> Keith
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