Thursday Meeting 10//16

Chuck Frain chuckfrain at
Thu Oct 16 15:03:51 BST 2008

John I think we have the same ideas, just described differently.

I'm thinking of the demo machine running Ubuntu to browse to the config
pages on the router. Using OOo apps to build the presentations on an Ubuntu
box, etc.

Have a good time at the HOA meeting, they can be interesting to say the

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 7:53 PM, John Biggs <pcgenius at> wrote:

> The idea I had is to advertise simple courses we can handle that a larger
> population would understand the value of. In the process, we would use
> software where possible. If you offer an Ubuntu course, no one will come.
> IF
> you offer a home networking, internet safety, etc course, you'll get more
> of
> a general population.
> I'm sorry guys but I can not come this week. I have joined the HOA and we
> are having our first meeting at the same time.
> On 10/14/08, Chuck Frain <chuckfrain at> wrote:
> >
> > The goal of the classes would be for the typical home user moving to
> > platforms. The classes would be built around the Ubuntu platform as much
> as
> > possible. There was also some discussion about tutorials on home
> networking
> > and computing concepts that can be done by home users with a little
> > education dovetailing back to F/OSS products when possible.

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