Fwd: Interest in Ubuntu MD LoCo team presentation at ACM meeting

Chuck Frain chuckfrain at pobox.com
Mon Mar 3 00:06:02 GMT 2008

Hi Rich,

Well we can tailor the talk to the length of time that we have for the
presentation. When we gave the 'Why Ubuntu?' presentation last time we
fit it into about 50 minutes for the actual talk with a few questions
along the way. It was a bit rushed at the end due to running against the
time we had in the space. But the interesting bit was that we had about
a 30 minute discussion afterwards in just a q&a type of thing.

So optimally I would say that 90 minutes is best. I would say that we
could give it comfortably in an hour and 45 minutes would be the least
amount of time I would want and that will restrict q&a time. This is all
factoring in about 10 minutes or so before starting for prep time.


istarex wrote:
> It looks like there might be some interest in somebody from the team
> giving the Ubuntu presentation to Hood College's ACM group this
> spring.  How long is the talk?
> -Rich
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> Subject: Re: Interest in Ubuntu MD LoCo team presentation at ACM meeting
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> Dear Rich,
>  How long would the presentation be?
>  George
> Rich wrote:
>  > To whom it may concern,
>  >
>  > My name is Rich Seagraves, and I'm a member of the Ubuntu Maryland
>  > LoCo team, a local Ubuntu and free software enthusiast group.  I'm
>  > emailing to find out if your ACM chapter would have any interest in
>  > members of my team coming to one of your meetings to give a
>  > presentation on Ubuntu and free software at some point this spring.
>  > If you were or you have any questions, please let me know.  Thank you
>  > for your time and attention.
>  >
>  > -Rich Seagraves
>  >
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