july usability testing

Celeste Lyn Paul celeste at kde.org
Thu Jun 19 14:40:04 BST 2008

Hey all, 

I'm still working with Canonical on possibly getting swag for usability 
testing.  They're interested in the idea, but they have yet to say "yes we 
will give you free stuff".  I'll keep working on them so it doesn't fall in 
to a black hole.

In the mean time, can someone set up a poll or thread in the Forums to see 
who/how many locoers are interested and how many participants they can bring?  
A tentative testing date was Saturday July 19th at the Howard County Library 
with a usability testing tutorial some time earlier that week (probably after 
work at a restaurant or whatever).

Instead of having 2 days of testing (a second date of July 26th was 
suggested), I think it would be better if we had shorter sessions and tried 
to get everyone in on one day.  The shorter sessions are better for both the 
participant and moderator because it is really draining to do hours of 
usability testing and our activity we want to test (working with digital 
cameras, probably download a picture, edit it somehow and email it) really 
ought to only take 15-20 minutes.  Plus, it is so much easier to get everyone 
organized for one day, than trying to do this twice with people and gear.  If 
this works out well, we can always do another projects in following months.

~ C

Celeste Lyn Paul
celeste at kde.org
KDE Usability Project

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