Annoyed by the Flash bug in Firefox/Konqeuror/Opera?

Craig Younkins cyounkins at
Sat Jun 7 18:41:07 BST 2008

Done! Thanks Josh!

Craig Younkins

On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 1:35 PM, Josh Rhoderick <rhoderickj at> wrote:

> Many of you have probably noticed the Flash
> bug<
> >that
> affects Firefox, Konqueror, and Opera in which Flash content is
> rendered on top of other content, sometimes making the web site completely
> unusable. This affects all versions of Firefox 2, and 3, with the Adobe
> Flash plugin. As for me, this bug has been an incredible annoyance since I
> first began using Ubuntu. To make my machine usable, I have to completely
> block Flash content and only enable it when I know it won't affect the page
> navigation. Unfortunately, the free Flash plugins (Gnash and swfdec) are
> still unstable and are only a partial replacement for the Adobe plugin.
> Hopefully this will change now that Adobe has open-sourced some of the
> Flash
> format (but not the whole thing).
> Anyway, if you'd like to do something about this
> bug<
> you can vote to have Adobe work on this bug by creating an account on
> Adobe's Flash bug system, Jira. As of right now, there are 52 votes, and
> some members of the Ubuntu bug team are trying to get this up to at least
> 100 votes.
> How to help:
> 1) Register at Adobe's bug reporting system <>.
> This takes about 2 minutes.
> 2) Then, vote to have this bug fixed<
> This link takes you directly to the bug. The voting panel is on the
> left-hand side of the screen.
> Thanks!
> Josh
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