Forwarding X apps

Joe Tseng joe_tseng at
Mon Aug 18 21:32:28 BST 2008

I suspect this is something simple that I've overlooked but can't quite figure out what it still is.  I'm using an Ubuntu 7.04 desktop that I inherited from my predecessor and I need to run an installer requiring X on a remote CentOS server.  X was never installed on the CentOS server so I went ahead and did that (along with xauth), but when I tried to run the installer it gave me this msg:

connect localhost port 6000: Connection refused
X connection to localhost:10.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

I have a small FreeBSD machine I use for messing around and I was able to run xterm remotely on there from Ubuntu.  I thought previously perhaps I needed to configure iptables on my Ubuntu desktop to allow for access through port 6000, but after running xterm I've ran out of ideas.  Could anyone clue me in?  Thx...

 - Joe

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