usability testing swag

Chuck Frain chuckfrain at
Mon Aug 18 01:39:29 BST 2008

I'm still interested in doing this as I think it will be a valuable
thing to have done.

As for when, that is what I don't know. We are quickly approaching
September already and I know I'm going to be busy with the SFD stuff.
Getting a room at the library will be difficult on this short notice. I
can see what might be possible but I know for the 20th there was
literally one room available for us to use as the others had been booked

If someone wants to take point on finding a place and setting a day
(other than the 20th obviously) for this in September I'll be happy to
participate as I can. If we want to look at October dates I'll be able
to work a little more on it as needed.

Celeste Lyn Paul wrote:
> Hey all, 
> The Ubuntu community manager finally got back to me and they are going to send 
> us some pens, stickers, buttons, etc. if we are still interested in doing 
> usability testing.  The project got put on hold this summer, but are people 
> still interested?  We could try for some time in September?
> ~ Celeste

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